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Christine McShane

Christine McShane is a copywriter and brand photographer with an eye towards strategic brand messaging.  With her BA in English, Masters of Business Administration, and years in the corporate world, Christine learned to finely tune the written word and visual images to portray a brand that speaks directly to its ideal customer.  In an already competitive digital landscape, having artful and authentic messaging can attract and pre-qualify new customers.

Specializes in: 

Brand messaging, Website Copy, Brand Photography

"Christine is amazing to work with and has a talent for articulating exactly what you want to say to your audience. As a writer myself, I often prefer to write my own content and was hesitant at first to hire someone else to help. However, I realized that while I love writing articles, blogs, and stories, I struggle with writing marketing content.
Through Christine’s process, she was able to really understand not only my business, but who I am, what I bring to the table, and why my audience will benefit from working with me.
She was able to take this and craft messaging that said exactly what I wanted it to say to my audience in a much better way than I could myself.
She is also a pleasure to work with and her process simply works.

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