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Sometimes a quick

Brand Boost

is all you need!

Get our “Brand Booster” without the bloat of a full audit

Is your brand working for you 24 hours a day?  Let’s take a look. 


You don’t always need a full rebrand project to maximize the power of your brand.  Sometimes making some strategic improvements in key areas can keep your brand aligned and on the path to success.


Your business evolves, trends change, and technology advances… and your brand should too.


If you’ve always wanted an expert to give your brand strategy a fresh look (without needing an entire overhaul), then this “Brand Booster” is for you. 

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Meet the “Brand Booster” 90-Minute
Brand Audit

In this 90-minute virtual session, you’ll get our team of industry specialists at your disposal to take an expert look at your brand assets for a high level assessment and suggestions for improvements.


  • We'll review your website, your social media channels, your visual branding and your brand messaging with you, right there on the call (time permitting)


  • Show us anything branding related that needs an expert set of eyes


  • Ask us any burning questions you and your team may have!


So grab your team and pull up a chair…and let’s see what enhancements your team can suggest today and in the future to amplify the effectiveness of your brand.

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  • How does the 90-minute session work?
    When you book your virtual brand booster session, you'll get a consultation like no other. Most consultations are conducted by a single expert. However our brand booster session is conducted by up to four experts simultaneously. Both collectively and as individual businesses, we've worked with many brands and know how to get major brand-related areas of your business fine tuned and working for you - it’s like getting up to four consultations in one! During this video conference session, we will be looking at your website, social media channels, visual branding and brand messaging right there on the call, as much as time will allow. These 90 minutes are yours to use however you would like - if there are certain areas of focus (perhaps your website or your visibility strategy), then that’s what we’ll do!
  • What will my team leave with after your 90-minute session?
    You'll walk away with some high level assessments of where your current brand is…and how to get where it’s going. Our Collective has over 30 years of combined experience and can make a wide breadth of recommendations that you may not find in a single call elsewhere. Recommendations could include (depending on your business and objectives): website structure and functionality brand colors, fonts, and logos overall visibility strategy overall brand messaging social media strategy SEO (search engine optimization) website copy We created this session to be something that every business needs… an occasional overall analysis of your brand strategy conducted with outside experts, without the commitment of a deep dive audit. Of course, your recommendations will be limited to whatever we cover during the 90-minute virtual call together. However, if you are interested in a comprehensive audit of your entire website, visual branding, brand messaging, and visibility strategy, please connect with us about our separate comprehensive brand audit package.
  • Who will attend the call?
    This 90-minute call is for you and anyone on your team that you think needs to be involved. We’ll find a 90-minute block of time for a virtual video call that works for both you and our team of up to four experts.
  • Will the Collective be reviewing my materials ahead of time?
    This 90-minute session is designed to be a quick way to get a high level assessment of your brand and if it’s working optimally for you. Once you log on to the 90-minute virtual session with us, we will review all of your materials during the call as much as time allows. If you would like us to review your materials ahead of time and/or conduct a deep dive audit into your website, visual branding, brand messaging, or visibility strategy, please ask us about the inKind Collective’s full comprehensive audit, which is a separate package.
  • What is a Collective?
    The inKind Collective is a group of seasoned independent businesses that collaborate seamlessly for website and re-brand projects. This means you’ll always get senior level expertise and a boutique experience, without paying the overhead of an agency.
  • What happens after my “Brand Booster” call?
    We know that you're busy running a business with a million things to do and decisions to make. Thankfully, you’ll walk away from your "Brand Booster" call with some clarity and direction. During the call, we'll give you our high level recommendations and our suggested prioritization, so that you can make informed decisions on what to execute, what to delegate, and what to delay for the future. And if you would like to delegate some of those action items to us, that’s what we do! We’re here to help you create a powerful and aligned brand that truly reflects YOU.
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